Gvaot Winery

Our Story

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Wine is bottled poetry.” The creations of the Gvaot Winery have roots that stretch back for millennia, and represent the very finest ode to the land of Samaria.

Gvaot Winery is located in Givat Harel at the heart of Samaria, on the banks of Nahal Shiloh. Around 800m above sea level, this hilly region has an ancient tradition of successful vine cultivation. The combination of advanced technology with unique terroir, which is especially conducive to high-quality vines, helps the winery realize its vision of producing quality wines with a distinctive character and flavor.

The winery continues an ancient tradition of wine production in this mountainous area. Hundreds of antique wine presses scattered around the renewed vineyards bear witness to this history.  The winery was established with the goal of producing exclusive quality wines by combining the raw material of grapes grown in the unique terroire of the central hilly region with professional expertise and modern technology.

Still, even the finest raw materials require in-depth professional knowledge and loving hands. Gvaot is a boutique family winery founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Amnon Weiss and Chief Winemaker Dr. Shivi Drori, an agronomist and researcher in viticulture and oenology at Ariel University. A research study led by Dr. Drori revealed approximately 60 ancient varieties of wine grapes from the Land of Israel in general, and Samaria in particular, from which wines have been produced for thousands of years.

The winery produces just 65,000 or so bottles a year, in order to give every bottle personal attention and maintain high quality standards throughout the production process. The wines undergo slow, cold fermentation for optimal preservation of the grapes’ aromas and flavors, and to create especially elegant wines.

The wine production process begins with the superior quality of the vineyards.  We endeavor to bring selected grapes to the winery, carefully preserving their quality, so as to extract their maximum potential through the wine making process.

The grapes arrive at the winery at sunrise, are immediately separated from the stalks and are then gently crushed and pressed.  The grapes are transferred to stainless steel vats for cold maceration, after which the fermentation process is

initiated .                   .

Gvaot winery employs a uniquely long, slow fermentation process at lower than usual temperatures so as to extract maximum aroma from the grapes.  This process allows more time for the yeast to gradually convert the sugar to alcohol and more time for the natural enzymes to produce a higher than usual concentration of aromatic compounds in the wine.

After fermentation, the wine is clarified through a number of rackings and transferred to oak barrels for aging.

The entire process is monitored by the winery’s laboratory, ensuring maximum control of all stages of wine production.  At the end of the aging process, the wine maker tastes the wines, dividing them into categories by quality. The wine maker then blends the wines for the various series and the wines are left in stainless steel vats to stabilize before being bottled.

Gvaot never compromises on quality, so every sip lets you experience the wonderful poetry of this land, and savor the winery’s tradition of quality and love for wine.